'Fur Baby'

So, a slightly controversial post to start with, but its best to get it out of the way straight away!

I HATE the phrase fur baby.

There I said it.

Yes, like you I absolutely love my dog and before I had my daughter, Amelia, I didn’t think I could love anything more than I loved Buster. But he’s not a baby. He’s a dog. There has to be some kind of boundaries.

Unfortunately, the truth is dogs who are treated too much like a baby are more likely to develop some serious behavioural problems longer term, I see it all too much.

Prevention is much better than cure. It's much easier to do the work now and save yourself a headache trying to sort issues later down the line once your dog has learned the wrong behaviours.

So, if you currently have a fur baby without boundaries and you are expecting a baby, I can help you make some small simple changes now which will ensure your dog doesn’t feel pushed out when baby arrives.

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Pip x

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