Growing up with dogs...

The bumps steadily growing, hospital bag is packed and ready to chuck in the car, nursery is looking beautiful, baby’s clothes are washed and you’ve rearranged them a hundred times. So, you are all ready but is your dog?

If your currently sat reading this with a dog curled up on your lap or he’s taking up all the space in your bed at night and you’ve got a baby on the way then I am here to help you.

Firstly, your dog is going to be hearing and seeing lots of new things. So, start by desensitising him to them early on in the pregnancy. Play YouTube videos of babies laughing, crying and screeching. Let them sniff and investigate bouncers, swings and play mats but teach them not to climb on lie on them.

Ensure your dog knows simple commands like ‘leave’, ‘down’ and ‘calm’ they might seem like simple commands but when your carrying around a sleeping baby the last thing you need is an excitable dog running around. Especially when your partner has gone back to work and your spending all day looking after baby and a dog it can be hard, the days are long. So, do all you can now to make your future easier.

And lastly, no doubt being in lock down has shaken up your schedule. But don’t be tempted to create a new schedule for you and your dog. A baby has no schedule and when you feel like you’ve got baby into a schedule everything will change. So, if you have a dog who wants breakfast at 6am and then fusses for a walk at 10am focus on changing that now and thank me later.

Pip x

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