Lock-down Loneliness

So, what am I?

I am a business owner. I am a canine behaviour student in my final few months. I am an ‘instagrammer' juggling personal and business social media accounts. I'm a part time barista working night shifts (or I will be when my maternity leave ends). I am a dog owner. I am a wife.

But most importantly I am a mum.

Through Instagram I have shared lots about ‘mum guilt’ and all the anxieties that motherhood brings. Being in lock down with a baby has increased the guilt and anxiety tenfold. Some days are harder than others, my husband works long hours so most days it's just me and Amelia. Which I am so grateful for as before lockdown came along, I was so busy I don’t think I had even realised how quick she was growing. But it can be and has been quite lonely.

So, in the midst of a lonely lockdown I looked to my phone and I found a world of other mummy’s in the same position as me. It was great to speak to them and seeing what they were up to. We share ideas for play and meal times. My husband often comes down stairs after a night shift to Amelia sitting in a baby bath full of jelly for sensory play and me in the kitchen cooking up something I’d seen Joe Wicks do.

However, it soon dawned on me, when I was needing to charge my phone multiple times in a day, how much time I was actually spending on my phone. Yes, I was keeping in contact with people but I was also just endlessly scrolling, wasting time, getting nothing done and not playing with Amelia.

Going forward I have set myself a few goals to help me to manage my time better.

BE ORGANISED… Before bed I clean, set everything up for breakfast, set up Amelia a toy mat for the day and set myself some tasks for the next day.

MANAGE MY TIME… and manage it realistically, I am terrible for writing unachievable lists so much so that I usually complete nothing and just re write the list for the next day or week.

BE A TEAM… share the load, not just the work load, because Brett works hard enough (feel free to do the washing up tonight though Brett!). But the mental load. A problem shared is a problem halved they say.

And finally, TAKE A BREAK… for myself and for family time.

Pip x

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