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On the surface I am a super organised Mum and once Amelia was born when we were just nipping to places, I didn’t want to keep carrying around her big nappy bag that was packed full of everything I could ever need. So, in each car I packed a small bag with just a few nappies, wipes, muslin cloth and a change of clothes. However, you will find that I am not actually that organised. I pulled these bags out from the back of the boot recently and I nearly shed a tear about how small the nappies and clothes were! Not only were they tiny but absolutely useless and wasteful.

So, that’s my inspiration behind this blog as its Plastic free July. (How is it July already?) Reusable nappies and wipes are a great eco swap.

Did you know?

Disposable nappies create 400,000 tonnes of waste EVERY year.

Swapping three of your disposable nappies to reusable nappies per day would save 90 nappies going to landfill, which create 3KG less waste.*

I’m not perfect, you will find disposable nappies and wipes in my house. But where possible I try my best to use reusable nappies and wipes for bums, faces and hands.

The world of cloth nappies is amazing but can be confusing and at times costly to new comers. The benefit of cloth nappies is you can sell them on or use them for any babies that follow.

You will hear terms like PUL, all in ones, wraps and pocket nappies. So to help you with this I will list a glossary at the bottom of this blog. On Facebook & Instagram there are so many great communities to help guide you through your journey. I spent hours researching cloth nappies, how to wash them, how to fit them and which is the best type. And I am still no expert so please don’t expect to read this and come away with all the knowledge you will ever need. Its more to inspire you and give you the confidence to go and have a research.

My personal favourites are Baba and Boo which are pocket nappies. They have a new born range and a birth to potty range. This was great for me as Amelia was a tiny baby and spent a long time in her new born nappies. But there are so many brands out there that I recommend you don’t buy a full stash until baby is born.

So, my one recommendation for you to make this July is to look into using cloth part time.

If like me you have an out of date emergency bag, why not make up a cloth emergency bag. Bambino Mio nappies are easily available and cheap enough to use in emergencies. Pop a few of these and some reusable wipes in a bag and you will have an emergency bag that will be there from birth to potty!

Oh, and if you're worried about washing poo, don’t be! Granted once they start weaning it gets a bit more interesting, breast milk poo can go straight in the machine, weaning poo needs a rinse off before going in the wash. But I can assure you there is no poo in my washing machine.

Hopefully this post has given you a little bit of inspiration, below Ill put a little glossary and then a few Instagram pages to follow of some cloth bum mums and advice pages.


All in one (AIO) – A complete nappy Booster / Insert – Boosts the nappies absorbency Liners – These are a personal choice and not necessary, they lie between the nappy and the bum Birth to potty (BTP) – Reusable nappies are made to fit from birth to potty using a unique popper system Pocket Nappy – A two part system which includes a water proof outer and is boosted with your preferred booster PUL – The waterproof layer… treat this with care Wrap – When using a fitted or flat nappy a water proof outer is needed

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